Tuesday, April 21, 2009

There are the good days and the not so good days of training. . .

Well, once again being Tuesday I decided to gorge myself at D2 once again.

2 servings of Hunan chicken with white rice
2 glasses of cherry coke
1 plate vegetarian macaroni and cheese and corn
1 plate of whole wheat pasta with marinara sauce
1 bowl chinese broth soup
1 bowl low fat granola cereal
1 plate of spinach leaves, tomatoes, cucumbers and broccoli
1 creme brulee
1 bowl of peaches
1 apple
0 motivation to sit in the sauna at the same time as trying to digest all this food

I learned that having a huge meal and going to sit in the sauna for 45 minutes, just is not going to work as part of my schedule. What an uncomfortable feeling, trying to digest and sit in a room that is 160 degrees Fahrenheit. If every day of training was a good one though, it wouldn't be training. So after 20 minutes in the sauna I couldn't bare it any longer and went home and layed down. No run today, I needed a break. However, learning from your mistakes is what training is all about so from now on I will try to make breakfast my big meal OR run in the morning and then make dinner my big meal.

Total on the day

Sauna - 20 minutes

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