Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The hard part . . .

Took it easy today but its funny how sometimes you learn the most when you don't think you will learn anything. Sitting in the sauna, I realized that it is not the running part of things that is going to be the hardest part of this race. (Now before anyone yells at me, notice how I said hardest...I know the run will be hard!) I've been running my whole life. I was obsessed with running the mile in elementary school. My mom brought to my attention the other day that she used to tell me to "go run around the house ten times" when I had too much energy. I am ready to run.
The hardest part about this race will be diving out of the way of the Florida drivers down on Route 1 through the keys. No really though, just about everything other than the running. Eating the right amounts at the right time, drinking enough water, dealing with the heat (I can't stand being hot). Most of all, the mental game, keeping my head focused on the next step and not how many steps I have left. I don't even think I'll have much time to think about the running with all the other factors playing in.
Anyhow, no running for today because I'm resting up for tomorrow. The goal will be 60 miles. 34 before work. 26 after. The part before should be quite easier because 28 of it will be in the Run for Rememberance 3.2 and then running 32 laps around the drill field starting at 10.
I can't tell all of you all who have been supporting me about my blog how much it means. I had no idea people were even reading this really I just started it so people would believe I was going to do the run. It gives me a new fire every time someone brings it up. On that note lets all give thanks for our friends and family tomorrow, I know mine are a blessing to me every day.

Total on the Day -

Sauna - 30 minutes

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