Monday, April 6, 2009

Ants Marching . .

After taking it easy over the weekend and getting out to do some biking and canoeing, it was time for another large run. This one I want to dedicate to my friend Vinnie Thomas for a good talk we had Friday, thanks again bro for the motivation, inspiration, and support. I got myself super psyched throughout the work day and went straight to McComas after work. Shooting for 40 miles as a goal I got on the treadmill at about 6:20, McComas closes at midnight so this would be pushing it.
Mentally, it is very straining to think about running for 5 and a half hours straight. Knowing from past experiences that this thought would probably overtake me at some point during the run I decided to try to split the run up into hour segments. At this point in the game, running for an hour is typically no big deal. A big deal is running the treadmill to 99:59 minutes and then seeing it reset to 00:00 and saying.."ok, now lets do that one more time."
Well I set the treadmill on about 7 mph and started up. The first hour flew by and I looked down and was at 64:50, and just pushing 8 miles. I ate a Clif Bar, and started the second hour. Towards the 40 minute mark of this hour I started playing the time game in my head. 20 minutes left, 19 minutes left, 18 minutes left. Then the music changed pace completely and Dave Matthews - Ants Marching completely saved me and keeping it on repeat 4 or 5 times got me through this hour. Another bathroom break. Another Clif Bar. Hour 3 was difficult but easier than the 2nd hour because I knew I was passing the halfway point of the run. Having committed to running 32 /24 miles around the drillfield on April 16th I forced myself to finish this hour because that would be 24 miles total nonstop running. I walked the next 2 miles to complete a full marathon.
It was getting to be about 10:30 and the gym was beginning to clear out as well as the wierd looks I kept getting for being half fatigued. I decided to pull off a run walk combo for the next hour and a half and completed a total 8.2 miles in that time.
I had been to the doctor earlier in the day to get antibiotics for a sinus infection I've had for the last 2 weeks and they weighed me in at 163.2 so on the way out of the gym as a little experiment I thought I would weigh in again to see what type of weight I was loosing on these big runs. 157.5 . . . . holy smokes, 6 pounds?? Granted I was dehydrated and most of that was water weight, this explains why multiple people saw me sitting in D2 the next day with 8 plates and 3 bowls of food stacked up around me gorging myself from 5-7.

Total on the day
Miles = 34.2
Time = 5 hours 40 minutes
Cals = ???
Weight = 6 pounds

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