Sunday, April 19, 2009

Don't fart in the sauna please . . .

Excitement struck again this weekend as I finalized all the plans for the Keys 100 race. I booked our hotel about a mile from the start line and ordered all the remaining gear I will need for the race! Check out the list to the left (If you click the picture it will make it bigger and easier to read), I'm gonna end up looking pretty goofy after I get all that stuff on! Now that all the big pieces are in place, it's time to start getting down to all the small details like what types of foods i'll want, music selection, coolers, etc. The planning is unending!
Once again taking it easy over the weekend and recovering a bit from my miles on Thursday. I did go out today however and do my sauna time and get in a few miles. I finally realized as well that the sauna training is doing is starting to kick in. Why?
1) Mentally it is growing easier and easier to go and sit in there.
2) I'm starting to get goosebumps in 65 degree weather.
3) I start sweating much earlier into my runs because my body is getting used to this being a way of cooling down.

The most rewarding thing that I noticed this weekend is how much simpler and fun every day tasks seem after running so much, just a hint that the repetitive treadmill training is working as well. Just every day activities, going to class, eating, wearing flip flops!, even just sitting outside on a nice day. They all are so much more enjoyable now, simply because, its something other than running on a treadmill, hopefully the 100 mile run in the keys will have this same effect.

Total on the day -

Sauna - 30 minutes
Distance - 4.5 miles
Time - 35 minutes


  1. Now you can no longer make fun of me for being cold when it's 60! It's true, your blood thins and you become accustomed to the warm weather and a wimp to the cold. You are not gonna want to go home after being here twice in May! :-)

  2. You need Gu as your energy source during your run--try it! I know Steph used it on her runs to Cburg. A coworker uses it when he bikes.