Monday, April 13, 2009

Mama said they was my magic shoes . . .

Waking up this morning felt like Christmas, I was super tired due to lack of sleep and I knew my shoes were coming! The anticipation of putting them on my feet, taking that first couple strides and feeling like I was floating was to hard to deal with through class!
Today also marks the 1 month date from when I will fly down to Florida to prepare for the race with my sister and Mark which means training has just taken another huge step up. Part of this step up will not only being increasing weekly mileage but sitting in a sauna once a day for the next month. Sauna training will go as follows. I will start out sitting in the sauna for 30 minutes for the first week and every week following add 15 minutes to that time. This way by the time I am ready to leave for Florida I will be up to an hour and 15 minutes.
Anyway, back to the shoes! So I anxiously sat through Organic Chemistry thinking about what type of polymer or molecule my shoes might be made out of. Then I went...ok no...I definetly was not thinking of what molecule my shoes were made out of, probably something more simple like "I wonder if the laces are neon green?" So I left ochem, ran a quick 5k in McComas, snagged pizza from West End, went to Plant Taxonomy, hurried home and looked on the porch, no shoes yet. Well off to work and back and there they were, 3 pairs of yellow Go-Lites. I immediately put them on, nervous about my knees hurting again.
The first sauna session today was a little tough. Rightly so though after reading that saunas average between about 150-200 degrees. The hardest part is the lack of things to do, you can't take in electronics, too hot. You can't read, your sweat would drench your book. I guess i'll just have to get creative with it, maybe I can find some of my old batman action figures to play with. Oh, and I figured out one thing, if you want to be in the sauna by yourself, take an extra pair of underwear with you and leave them outside the door on the ground.
Following the 30 minute sweat, I headed to McComas to finish up the day with a 1 hour/8 mile run AND . . the shoes felt great. I felt like a brand new man.

Total on the Day -

Sauna - 30 minutes , 40 oz of water
Distance - 11.1 miles
Time - 1 hour and 25 minutes
Calories ~ 1,350

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