Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pump it . . .

So I ordered 3 pairs of new shoes today online. They were all about 80% off their regular 95 dollar price and I ended up getting them all for about 100. Now lets just hope they fit and perform well. They are Go Lite shoes and each pair weighs 1 lb 10 oz, this should help with not feeling to heavy when running down in the Keys.
As far as running goes my legs felt replenished from Sunday, so after a full day of class and a 5 plate, hour and a half all you can eat session at D2, it was time to go to McComas. After running outside yesterday, going back to the treadmill felt sort of like coming back to school from spring break. So to help with the repetitiveness of the treadmill I've decided to start asking people next to me what their favorite workout song is, and by the chance that it might be in the 10 GB's of music on my mp3 player, trying to work out to that and see if I can relate. The girl next to me today said Pump It - Black Eyed Peas, and I agree and especially like the part at 2:42 - 3:10. This part of the song really threw me for a loop. It has a slight buzzing noise in it and something about the volume level or frequency of the buzz would make my tonsils start buzzing. I played the song over 4 times, and it happened every time, so weird.
I had recently looked up an article on running on treadmills vs running outside and it made a good point about how you can generally run faster on treadmills because there is no wind resistance, so they recommend a setting of 1 incline to make up for the wind, so this will now be incoorporated into all treadmill runs.
The run went rather smooth and I actually started to feel the rewards of what I've been training for, I ran 13.7 miles and at the end of it I felt like I was just getting started. Eating the huge meal about 30 minutes beforehand definetly probably played a role in this.

Total on the day

Miles = 13.7
Calories Burned = ~ 2,100
Time = 2 hours even

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  1. hey man, it's Will Kesler. Haven't seen you in a while, good luck training for your run. My sister is running in a 10k on sat and has been trying to step up to a marathon but is having a lot of trouble out of her ankles. anways, good luck dude.