Sunday, March 29, 2009

Chocolate milk and Salami??

Was planning on heading to McComas starting at about 4 pm and running until close (midnight) but once again just like any running race things didn't go just as planned and it turned out to be a fairly nice day so I had to take advantage of that and go on a little motorcycle adventure. Following Liz and I's purple toed escapade to scout out some of the big wig houses of Blacksburg, I was ready for the Sunday Run.
I got to McComas around 6:45 pm, prepped my treadmill with the essentials (camelback,mp3 player,clif shots and roctane, and my cell phone just incase things got real boring) and started out. After a mile or 2 of beer perspiration I was in the groove and then came mile 6, this soon really? Yes, bathroom break.
Downstairs and back up and ready to rock again but after listening to Tracy Chapman - Give me one reason and the Black Eyed Peas - Where is the love for 50 minutes collectively, it was time for a new jam. My Music>Albums>Billboard Top 100 from 1998, perfect. The next 20 miles was a walk run mixture and i successfully calculated the amount of time that I can walk in between runs without my legs getting cramped up, 8.5 minutes. This was a good thing to know. Also tried a Roctane gel shot for the first time and it worked great so I'll be switching from Clif ShotBloks over to those now.
A marathon later, legs feeling dead and SUPER hungry I headed out of the gym at around 11:15. The Sunday Run was over and I had kept a running list of all the foods I craved throughout my run.

2) Chocolate Milk
4) More chocolate milk

10 minutes later I found myself ordering Pokey sticks from Gumby's, going to Kroger and buying chocolate milk, yogurt and orange juice, then going home to indulge in all 4. Gross.

Total on the day -
Miles = 26.4
Time = 4 hours 18 minutes including bathroom break
Calories burned = 3,300

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