Monday, March 30, 2009

24 hours . . is a long time

So I woke up today, a tad bit sore from the Sunday Run and then it hit me...if this was race day, I would still be running right now and not have slept any of that time. This is all that went through my head for the rest of the day . . "right now, I would still be running" . .all the way up until 6:00 pm which was 24 hours after the start of the Sunday Run. It was gorgeous in the latter part of the day and immediately after work at 6:00 I finished the other half of the pokey sticks and jetted out onto the streets of Blacksburg. WOW, it felt good to not be on a treadmill, proof that this aspect of my training was effective.
What I am referring to here is the reason I have been training on the treadmill. Besides the fact that the keys are flat, like a treadmill, I have a feeling it will get, I don't want to use boring because this race will be anything but boring, but sort of repetitive. Running on the treadmill, is uber repetitive. After running a marathon on that thing I could have watched golf or even poker on TV and gotten really excited about it.
So I headed out at 6:30, and ran a big figure eight around campus totalling 6 miles. I felt spiced up in the last mile of my run but about 15 minutes after arriving home I fell straight asleep. Hopefully there are no beds on the side of the road in the keys, or vans named Helen with beds in them for that matter.

Total on the day

Miles = 6

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