Thursday, March 19, 2009


So I went searching for inserts for my shoes to straighten out this knee problem and found a great little store out in Christiansburg. The name was something like New River Valley Orthodics right across 460 business from Montgomery Regional Hospital. I only took about 3 steps into the store and started looking at inserts before I was greeted by a man named Phil. I told Phil what I was looking for and what my problem was and he must have been watching me walk those 3 strides into the store or something because he described exactly the same thing that I thought was going on with my foot. I knew the guy wasn't lying because he said I drag my heel and then my foot rolls inward. Well, I just happened to look at the bottom of my running shoes the other night, and guess what. They were worn down very heavily on the outsides of the heel. Phil, was on the ball. Well I went ahead and took his suggestion for which pair of inserts to buy and talked to him slightly about custom orthodics as well, which would cost $300 but he said would be a good idea. Maybe we'll save that for a later date.
Tonight I'm going to try out DDing for a St. Patricks Day party that is going on in town to hopefully raise some money through donations for the fundraiser. I'm hoping maybe to get about 50 on the night but we'll just have to see how it goes.

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