Monday, March 23, 2009


So I decided at the wedding to spend the time with my friends which I hadn't seen for a year or two and put off the running until we all split our own ways. Well we got back to Blacksburg around 7:15 pm today and I headed over to McComas at 8:15 to start running. All in all it was a successful trip, the inserts are working! My knee was still hurting a little bit but I ran much farther than last time and it didnt hurt as much afterward so that is a good sign. The downside of the inserts is they put pressure on my feet where I am not used to so now just about every part of my foot is sore.

Total on the day -
Miles = 20.15
Calories Burned = 2,500
Time = 3 hours and 40 minutes

I actually remembered to eat before running today. 5 soft bean tacos from taco bell and a full foot long sub before the run. After I have had a couple glasses of chocolate milk, a yogurt, and now im breaking into a pizza as i type, so I think I'm gonna concentrate on that now!

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