Saturday, December 26, 2009

Go Green!

So I ran into a bit of a problem today. I promised my bosses that I would go into work to deliver 4 flower arrangements. Then I realized, I probably wouldn't even be working a whole hour because I only had to drive to two places for these 4 arrangements. Living 15 minutes (12 miles) away from work I realized the amount of money I would spend on gas getting there and back would be equal to or less than the amount of money I would make at work. DILEMNA.

The quick solution -

Thought 1) My sister and Mark are driving to town at 11 AM.
Thought 2) I have a ride to town.
Thought 3) I need a ride back from town.
Thought 4) I have 2 legs and a pair of shoes.
Thought 5) Run!
Thought 6) Go Green and less carbon emissions!
Thought 7) Stop global warming!
Thought 8) Save the world!
Thought 9) Utopian society where LOOOVEE replaces all the bad things in the world.
Thought 10) Lets be realistic, back to thought 6.

Ended up having an excellent run home from town which started out a bit rough but once I found my groove it was a breeze. The temperature was around 40 and I was drinking pedialyte and water to hydrate as well as wearing a long sleeve shirt and shorts. It couldn't have felt better!

Totals on the Day:
Miles - 12.07
Time - 1 hour 33 minutes
Shoutout - Lets give it up forrrr the inventors of canned dog food.

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