Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring time!

Now that it is spring time I won't be using the treadmill quite as much. For my training runs I'll post up a map of the route and a little summary of its difficulties in my daily totals. Anyone interested in some good routes around town check them out!

This run starts out pretty flat near the entrance of the Huckleberry Trail, circles around through campus and runs through the south rec fields reconnecting with the Huckleberry Trail. After doing the loop back to the start of the Huckleberry the run starts up Clay Street and gets pretty intense going up the largest hill in town limits. Once you get to the top though its a great view and smooth sailing from there on out. Fly down Harding avenue as you are now looking down on the cap to the Graduate Life Center in the distance. Once you hit Patrick Henry there's only a few speed bumps left to get over and not to mention a great view of the Appalachains to the west. Circling around back through campus, the run ends with a nice sprint down Washington St.

PS. If you didn't get a chance check out the article from the CT Tuesday!

Totals on the Day -
Miles = 8.9
Time = 64 mins 38 seconds
Check out my route here!

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