Monday, March 15, 2010

Good News From The Doc!

So I went into Sports Medicine Doctor Siegel's office today to try to get a diganosis of the knee problem that has been bugging me ever since before Holiday Lake. He had me go through about 16 different leg motions and took some X-rays and the final result . . . . . the IT band once again! I couldn't have dreamed of hearing anything better come out of his mouth being terrified going in there that I might not be able to run for months or need surgery. So I got some anti-inflammatory cream and a couple pages of stretches to do to loosen the darn thing up and got right to it at McComas. It was still a little tight once I finished my run but nothing like it has been the past month so things are looking up for the rest of my 2010 schedule!

Totals on the Day -
Miles = 7.58
Time = 1 hour
Shoutouts = Liz, your proposal made my day, I just hope I don't talk your ear off.

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