Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Little Side Trip

So on the way back from a most triumphant Thanksgiving dinner at Alex's moms house in Newport News I was dreading the drive back to Blacksburg, until I got an idea. My old boarding school, The Miller School of Albermarle, was right about halfway. Being a day that I needed to go for a run I stopped in and it was beautiful out, not to mention all the kids and faculty were on break so it was completely empty!

After fueling up on some Crozet Pizza, I thought it only appropriate to attack what I consider one of the hardest yet most beautiful cross country courses in Virginia after all this was the grounds where all of my running madness started. It was no easier than the first time I ever did it in Buz's famous Steak Race. I'm pretty sure I only did one mile at a a time and when I got to the two mile mark (where this photo was taken) I layed on the grass for about 5 minutes.

So maybe my little side trip was more of reminiscing time than training but regardless, what a perfect stop. Oh...and for you folks that come down 64 west to get to VT, get off on the Miller School exit one time and check out this great little store about 0.5 miles off the exit (to the left if your going to VT, to the right if your going back from VT). It's called Greenwood Gourmet Grocery . My last trip there i bought Dandelion and Burdock juice!!! AHHH ..i wouldn't recommend it but one drink that is really good is the Cricket Cola w/ Green Tea!

Miles - 3.1
Time - Who even knows
Shoutout - Mr. Spivey!

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