Saturday, November 7, 2009


Down in Atlanta this weekend with family and decided to go out for a run to get some fresh air. My sister had been talking all day of a place named Piedmont Park that is a fun place to hang out so I decided to run there and check it out, everyone thought I was a little crazy. With quite simple directions I set out on foot at a very fast pace, as today is a speed training day. Well, lets just say I'm not ready to run a 50k YET. With a little walking I eventually made my way down past the W hotel and down to the park. Pretty park, nothing extravagant though so I took a little rest, did some thinking, took two laps around the park and headed back.
On the way back I started out walking and listening to some tunes. "Goo Goo Dolls - Name" came on just as I was looking up at the clear blue sky and the impressive buildings...and just as I was starting to think "well maybe this is just one of those days that I felt like just BEING OUTSIDE and not really doing any running", a small little chinese man ran by me top speed. Well it must have looked like a music video or something because I got the urge that all those people got when they followed Forrest Gump. I watched him for about 5 seconds and when he was about 30 yards away I just started sprinting after him. The chase was on and the little kid in me was alive more than ever. Whenever he would slow down for an intersection I would somehow have to veer off and pretend I wasn't chasing him...this got interesting a few times, trust me. I chased him for a good 2 miles and finally subsided after he almost ran into a car coming out of some restaraunt parking lot, little did he know, he would have had help right behind him.

Miles on the day: 9.67 (run 6, walk 3.5)
Lesson of the day: Chasing someone random without them knowing = FUN
Shout out of the day: 2 people that were running counterclockwise at the park
Song of the Day: Goo Goo Dolls - Name


  1. Wish you could have ran our way. Would have loved to see you!! Maybe over the holidays you can come visit while Deidra is home..Take Care! Linda Cantrell

  2. Miles on the day: 9.67 (run 6, walk 3.5)

    Curious as to the .17mile that is unaccounted for. Jogging? Crawling? Skipping?

    : ) keep it up Hen