Sunday, October 4, 2009

2010, looking ahead

Today marks the start of training for the 2010 race year. Here is a proposed schedule of the races that I'm looking at competing in, not finalized yet and I probably won't get to do a few of them like the Keys 100 (same weekend as graduation, so its either stay for my 11th year of college and go to the keys OR graduate.........Go to the Keys!!). I want to encourage anybody that is a runner or wants to become a runner to join in some of these with me! Also if anyone would like to serve as a support crew for any of them I may be needing a crew in a couple. It would be fun to have a training partner as well. If the distance seems overwhelming some of the races have shorter races that coincide on the same day so thats an option too. The Terrapin Mountain race is a good example of one of these, there are two races one is a 50k(31.1 miles) and the other is a half marathon (13.1 miles). The Keys 100 is another good example, it has a relay version where you do the 100 miles with a team of 6 people. Hope I hear back from a lot of you! You all have to at least read the past entry form for the barkley.

Races in bold I have pre-registered for.

December 19th - Seashore Nature Trail 50k Location: Virginia Beach, VA

February 16th – Holiday Lake 50K* Location: Appomattox-Buckingham State Forest, VA

February 27th – Cheaha Mountain 50k Location: Cheaha St. Park, AL

March 28th – Terrapin Mountain 50k* Location: Sedalia, VA

March 28th – Barkley 100 Location: Frozen Head State Park, TN

April 25th – Promise Land 50k* Location: Bedford, VA

May 15th – Keys 100 Location: Key Largo, FL

October 2nd – GrindStone 100* Location: Swoope,VA

November 7th – MMTR 50 miler* Location: Lynchburg,VA

December 8th – Hellgate 100k* Location: Natural Bridge Station, VA

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