Thursday, May 14, 2009

Race Log!

Haven't had too much time to update the blog recently! 1 day until the race. It starts at 6 am on Saturday (5/16) and here is the link to the race log that Hannah will be updating!

Click Here to go to Race Log!


  1. i wish i was there with youuuuu....but i'm sitting here at work :(

    you're doing amazing...i keep refreshing your twitter page every 5 seconds!

    i'm so ridiculously proud of you!

  2. You're sooo close!!!

    So I wanted to see if there was any news coverage of this race down in Florida--so when I googled "Keys 100"--up popped this guy's blog...

    please don't turn into him!

    apparently he ran the alabama race, too (!), amongst the other million mile races out there.

  3. Congratulations H ! I'm in awe of your natural skill and ability to suffer through extreme trials for the adventure of it. Oh, and your support crew is the best! You just can't buy that kind of devotion (speaking as a sister).