Monday, October 25, 2010

Power Hour

As a veteran college student might do, I decided to work the power hour into not only my weekend routine but try to incorporate it into my Monday schedule as well. Getting off work at 5:00 PM first I decided to get ready for this epic event by filling my tank at Owens. Never do a power hour on an empty stomach. Who else to mentally prepare with then my best bud Brandon, VT PBR power hour champion. After dabbling in some Farms & Fields sweet potatoes, broccoli and pork I was ready.

Off to McComas to see how far I could run in one hour! I stepped onto the treadmill with two gu's, two granola bars, a bottle of water and a bottle of Gu Electrolyte Drink. I wanted to start slow and slowly increase my heart rate over the length of the run so I set it on 1.0 incline to make up for the lack of wind resistance and a speed of 7.7 mph. I would wait for my music or runners high to naturally increase my pace and when I found myself running into the treadmill hand bar I would move the speed up 0.1 or 0.2 mph. At 40 minutes I was at a pace of 9.2 mph and realized that if I kept going I could very well manage to run the farthest I ever have in an hour. With 6 minutes left I was going 10 mph and with 2 minutes I had it up around 11 mph. Yes the treadmill was shaking, yes people were looking at me like I was insane. I wonder why, granola bars and gu wrappers were flying left and right.

Totals on the Day -
Miles = 8.95 (almost!)
Time = 1 hour
Calories = 1170
Elevation = 370 ft

Shoutouts - Congrats to all of my friends Kim, Lisa, Suz, Adam, Matt and any others who ran the Army Ten Miler this weekend!!!

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  1. nice and Lisa have the treadmill thing down