Sunday, April 11, 2010

Relay For Life

Virginia Tech Relay for Life! Something I've looked forward to since the beginning of the school year. A huge congratulations goes to Whitney Law and all the other volunteers and exec members that put on such a great event this year.

Virginia Tech ended up once again not only being the largest college relay for life but raising a total of
$544,759.71, cheers Hokies!

I used relay for life to serve as a training run this year for the Keys 100 coming up in just over a month. Setting out with a goal of 60 miles for the night I started out very strong with the help of some good friends to run with! Thanks Molly and Jackson! My splits were looking pretty decent running 5 miles at a time as this is the total amount of laps I could count on my hands. I figured out a system of counting quarter miles on my left hand and miles on my right, so every 5 miles I would have to stop and record my distance.

As usual Relay was a very entertaining event with people constantly fund raising selling anything from games of water pong, to kisses and glowsticks. The first 15 miles was a breeze with all the commotion going on around and plenty of awesome music put on by multiple good bands and acapella groups performing. I even ran pretty strongly until about mile 25 and then we had to stop for a few ceremonies in which I got cold and afterward just could not find my zone again. All in all though after thirty miles I quit, no excuses. I tried to come up with all the reasons in the world why I had to stop
  1. Work at 9 AM tomorrow, it was already 2AM
  2. It was cold
  3. My feet hurt
  4. Growing weary
  5. People were leaving and it wasn't as entertaining anymore
All in all. I quit. Could I have kept running? Yes. Did I keep running? No.
This is the never ending battle an ultra runner faces of mental stamina versus physical. 99% of the time its not about how long your body can hold up, its about how long your mind can hold up. So I did half of my projected goal, and will be taking on some serious training runs this next week to make up for the miles I wimped out on over the weekend.

Totals on the Day -
Miles = 30
Time = Around 6 hours, including ceremonies and what not
  1. Jackson and Molly thanks for running some laps with me. I was grateful for that.
  2. Everyone who participated at Relay! We rocked that event!
  3. The other guy who was out there running 32 miles.

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